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cowmom - organic dairy brand


The briefing (in brief):
What does it do?
cowmom (Cow & Mom= cowmom) is a superior,
unique and most recognised organic dairy
brands from the world most beautiful country.
Produced freshly from fine dairy products of high breeded cows without any use of machinery.
As the word "cowmom" says this is a complex of dedicated farmers around British countryside which produce and distribute dairy all over the country.
We all know a famous phrase, i.e. "drink your milk and grow big and strong" and still everyone follows it.
Cow milk is pure as white, safe like mom, its a  non-transparent liquid produced by the mammary animal, cows.
Milk is the best source of calcium for our body. Milk is filled with lots of vitamins, especially, vitamin D helps the body to absorb calcium and those are good for human body. 
For whom?
For those who seeking organic products with best ingredients to add in their diet habits and who seeks best quality for their children and those who suffers from vitamin deficiency. Also the goodness and wellness from natures best source which connects the pureness of mom milk i.e. cow's milk with the best purity and taste.  
The design:
A very simple, elegant and beautiful design is created for cowmom. cowmom logo shows a clear identity of purity, love and care i.e. an icon of breast, which is ultimately relating to a human breast, that shows the caring love and affection of a mother, and also shows a clear strong bond of mother and baby. Letters "C,W and M" resembles to mouth lips and shows the style of drinking the milk. An adorable, happy and cute cattle face is given as an illustration to cowmom product.

Very fresh and attractive colours are used, where consumers always prefer for their kids to have it all time. The design of the bottle is very safe and easy to handle with out no doubt. 
This project is done for GDH (Garlic design House)

D2 Interior

Brand: D2 Interior
The briefing (in brief):
Aiden Grimshaw
D2 Interior President / Creative Director
“Born in New York and raised in Japan, Aiden Grimshaw studied architecture in Tokyo. When I was young i didn't know much about the world, I longed for Western design and travelled many countries to see them with my own eyes. My home was my design, I realized, I didn’t noticed it, but i learned so many amazing designs around me. Even though my culture was influenced by Western culture and art, I was not able express without knowing this important fact. To be on equal ground with the world, I realized that I needed to learn my own culture, from both countries as well as to feel compassion and be proud of my heritage, and hence a fusion can be created.”
He was a chief designer with Studio 22 in Tokyo and later became partner at Interior Associates in New York.
He founded D2 interior in March 2015, a practice active in architecture & Interior design. Luckily he is a proud dad of twin girls, and the love towards his kids Dana Aiden and Dora Aiden he named his company as D2.
The design:
Design is the arrangement of a series of goals into tangible forms. D2 interior concept is through function and materiality, those words created a powerful logo, and the love towards the culture created a wonderful architecture of Japanese style villa. The essential principles of design overarch all its disciplines, from architecture and environmental design. The essence of design spans every sphere of life. When design unites the goals improves life and business practice, it engenders beauty and crosses the boundaries of time to take on a life of its own.
Aiden Grimshaw has only taken a small step, and there are still many things to be practiced.
Cherishing the past, the present and the future.
This project is done for GDH (Garlic design House)

Saudi Aramco Recycle Me-Camapign

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As a guardian of social development, the governing council of sports in the Kingdom of Bahrain has a huge responsibility to help promote education, community development, health awareness, cultural exchange and economic development within the football community. It is against this backdrop that the Isa bin Salman Football Championship is being organized and promoted. The goal to help build a brighter future for Kingdom by using football as a school of life to raise awareness about social issues, integration and peace building. The Championship embodies Bahrain’s vision of bringing people closer to celebrate victory even in the face of diversity and fragmented human values.
The Isa bin Salman Football Championship is poised to user in a new era of peace and sportsman spirit and help in promoting fresh talent to the center stage. The Championship will be promoted as a national event, ensuring keen participation, viewership and acceptance of the message of unity and nationism. To make sure that the Championship achieves its desired goals, we at Miraj are making every effort to put together an event that will make the citizens of this Kingdom take notice and react favourably.