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LIYA-Campaign II A

LIYA-Campaign II B

LIYA- Campaign II C

LIYA-Campaign 1

LIYA -Campaign 2


The left side unit of the logo symbolizes the strength and trustworthiness of a citadel. The right side unit of the logo forms a perfect pair to its left side by its similar graphic properties. The ‘deep rooted’ professional analysis of the company is aptly represented by the root type graphic on the right side of the logo. This side also stands for the letter ‘A’ of the word ‘Appraisal’ in the company name.



A calm and peaceful mindset is the most essential ingredient in a successful, enjoyable and memorable journey / tour. There’s an inherent calm and peace in these set of logos. The main visual element of the flying white dove in a blue sphere, lends these logos a distinct identity of enduring peace ~ A promise of a smooth and easy journey with everything to enjoy and nothing to worry. The colour scheme of these logos perfectly compliments the above said concept and is appealing with its unique combination of a different kind of green & blue. Frankly this is my favourite set - both in concept and design.


The 60s and 70s saw the flower power (hippie) generation exploring places around the world that were not very popular until then in international travel itineraries. They were not mere travelers looking for landscapes and monuments but were explorers of the cultural and spiritual spheres of their destinations. They were of course the ‘total travelers’, without vested interests and without time limits. They spread antiwar sentiments around the world and believed in enjoying life to the fullest. This logo represents Jetset Journeys’ true spirit of exploration and its motto to absorb in the very best of all destinations, for the ‘total travelers’ of this generation.


The flight of migratory birds traveling from one continent to an other has captured the imagination of travel bugs around the world. Every season they fly in unison to reach their destination. Some groups make eye-catching patterns in the sky on their flight.
In this set of logos Jetset Journeys exemplifies the same spirit and pace of those birds, enjoying every moment of their travel to
places more inspiring.


TSL-the school of leadership -Bangalore

CONCEPT DEVELOPERS- Builders from Dubai

KRYTHIUM-Healthcare business intelligence and data solutions group