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Sunday, February 5, 2012

ENERGY CONFERENCE - partnering for a sustainable future

The KAPSARC Energy Conference (Nov. 20-22, 2011) is a global gathering of eminent researchers and scholars that seeks to explore the relationship between the energy sector, economic prosperity, and long-term environmental stewardship. The objective of this program is to explore the possibility of developing technologies that will deliver new policy options, enabling the KSA and other nations to meet the fundamental needs of their citizens. Minimizing fluctuations in economic growth, mitigating the impact of the energy sector on the local and global environment and stabilizing long-term energy markets even as alternative energy sources become more popular.

The conference and its theme “PARTNERING FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE” assume significance in light of the sustained research and dialogue on the subject on a global scale. The conference provides for KAPSARC to play a leading role while representing a country that has established itself as a center of the global energy arena and foster KSAs role as an environmentally responsible energy supplier. The conference will bring delegates from around the world to open research topics and set the ball rolling towards realizing a sustainable future for our planet.

This design depicts the theme “PARTNERING FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE” as a coming together of a global community with a single minded proposition of supporting the need for a cleaner, greener world through research and technology. The hands represent the many men and women who strive hard to make such possibilities into opportunities, who will form the elite panelists in the conference. The design also incorporates a ‘graphic device’ to focus on Saudi Arabia – the venue of the conference and the center of global conventional energy resources.

The conference and theme “PARTNERING A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE” encompasses but is not limited to opening research topics on an entire gamut of renewable energy resources. Wind, Solar Energy, Hydroelectricity, Biodegradable fuels and the advantages of Recycling. Each of these topics is covered separately to provide insights into what the conference proposes to initiate discussions on. These designs will provide valuable support to the campaign and collectively deliver the theme of the conference – PARTNERING FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE.