Tuesday, September 20, 2011

SPOILE ME, PAMPER ME & PLEASURE ME - chocolate pack design

Haya Al Dusari in Saudi Arabia, she dreamed about a Coffee shop, a place where people could chat and make friends. Finally she opened one in her nick name named “ HANOONZ.” She wanted something special in her coffee shop. Thus she introduced 3 mischievous flavors of chocolate. PLEASURE ME, PAMPER ME AND SPOILE ME. Manufactured and distributed just for HANOONZ. Chocolate flavors are always mind blowing. Mischievous flavors of Hanoonz are lip locking with tremendous taste.

A Market study was held to develop appropriate design for covers which were went under process. A sensual approach was used to suite the names. All 3 cover have beautiful abstract of these emotions. Female abstract were used to add on more to this effect, targeting both youth and all sectors of the society. There are no rules and there is no set language to describe your feelings when tasting Chocolate. Those who love eating Chocolate will sure keep eye on Hanoonz.

Copywriter : Ranjana Raj
Illustrator : Rajeev lalith
Additional credits : Ranjana Raj / Priya Jayanand / Soman VK

Monday, September 19, 2011

SLB - 2011 eid greeting card