Friday, August 10, 2012


Concept: Tree

In this logo we can see two different shapes one is ‘V’ shaped structure and other is a tree shaped structure. These two shaped structures’ are more closely related to Ayurveda.

‘V’ represents leafs and combination of leafs represents tree. A strong typography is used and it is more attractive and which represents the product quality and shows company strengths. Trees and human kinds have always had a symbiotic relationship throughout the centuries.

They provide us with fruits, flowers and medicines and trees have long life. Our products are similar to tree therefore we can say our products have long lasting quality. Here the structure of tree is a combination of leafs, it represents like leafs in air which feels like a breathing oxygen.

Only one single colour is used for this logo that is green colour which increases the beauty for this logo. Green is the colour of nature, life, attractive beauty and it’s a restful colour and refreshing too. Green colour symbolized self - respect and well being. Green is the colour of balance of nature also. Here the colour green is related to nature and more closely related to life, Ayurveda, Herbals and Healthcare products.

The Vedasutra signature is thus formed from the two main elements, the Vedasutra symbol and the Vedasutra custom-drawn logo type. The placement and alignment of both the elements add dimension and depth to the signature. These elements are closely related to natural herbs, plants and trees which form the vital source of Ayurveda.

The signature is executed considering one’s responsibility towards the balance of nature using only the purest natural ingredients free from modern day genetics and chemicals ensuring purity, trust and sustainability. The signature displays and image to the world that is strong and pure.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012