Sunday, April 15, 2012

‘Young Talent: Catalyst for Transformation-2012’ - SAOO PDP FORUM - 2012

Theme:- The SAOO PDP Forum 2012 addresses the role of young talent in order to motivate them into taking up the challenge of leading Saudi Aramco to the next generation in professionalism, intelligence and leadership skills. The theme for this forum ‘Young Talent: Catalyst for Transformation is a statement of its intent and desire to create a futuristic organization that derives its strength from youthful energy and quick thinking individuals who will transform the way Saudi Aramco presents itself to the world.

Theme Monogram:- This theme logo centers around the three main contributing factors viz: Youth, Catalyst and Transformation and represents a changing environment at Saudi Aramco. The transformation is represented by the brightly colored circles overlapping each other and the three main contributing factors as pins attached to the transformation process

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