Monday, July 1, 2013

Saudi World Heritage Day


In ancient Saudi Arabia, citizens used art and literature to express their culture, interpreting the symbolism of this rich past to show them the path to righteousness. Saudi Arabia’s heritage finds special mention in the holy book and is therefore a matter of faith for Saudi citizens to treasure their glorious past. Today, as we seek to understand ourselves, we realize that it is time we experienced how our heritage has contributed to our national identity. The Saudi World Heritage Week is a platform that we will build together, to carry our national identity to the world stage, bringing ordinary Saudi’s together, to trace the past and to chart the course of the future.

The concept of the Saudi World Heritage Week is to ‘revisit our national identity’. A statement of our intent to understand ourselves and feel proud that we belong to a kingdom with over 1,000 heritage sites. The concept also brings together people from all walks of life to share their thoughts and ideas that connect to the past. ‘Revisiting our national identity’ is also a means to study how art, literature, architecture, language and lifestyles have transformed Saudi Arabia into a cultural capital of the Middle East. Saudi World Heritage Week. ‘Revisiting our national identity’.

This theme logo is in line with the concept and features a design that traces the origin of the rich cultural heritage that makes us who we really are. The sepia tone reflects an age-old Saudi tradition that dwells on art and literature as an expression of our glorious past. The fort and the palm trees surrounding. It holds the key to opening the doors of enlightenment and national pride. The theme logo also attempts to send a message to our community of the rationale behind preserving these ancient monuments as symbols of national pride. The Arabic and English fonts used enhances the traditional script prevalent during that period.

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RAJ said...

Wow,I am speechless,its a beautiful work. Good Job.