Saturday, July 13, 2013

Teach Me to Protect Me

The Brief

                To communicate the meaning of safety in our everyday life
                To inform and educate children on situations that could affect their lives
                To influence elders through children that safety is an essential
                To entertain children with themes that go with safety as a core issue
                To introduce characters that children identify with to communicate this message

The Challenge

                To create two characters ‘Aman’ and ‘Ameena’ as ambassadors to the event
                To devise and script popular entertainment shows specially for this event
                To set up the site with multiple tents, each with a particular purpose
                A ‘safety house’ was designed and constructed for this purpose
                The house needed to be automated with cutting edge technology for smooth operations
                Partners like Porsche called in to assist in road safety
                Drama’s, plays and musical shows arranged
               Teach Me 2 Protect Me to become the voice of the people

The Solution

                The mascots Aman and Ameena were manufactured in the US for better quality
                Special teams flown in from India to design Automation facilities through an iPAD
                Safety House featured action packed video’s to influence the importance of Safety
                Special ambience lighting introduced
                A total of 20 tents erected for the 4-day event
                A single 55 meter tent featured hygiene and health safety initiatives
                Crowd control, especially for children introduced

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