Sunday, November 3, 2013

Ma Olea Oil

Ma Olea Oil - Greek Olive Pomace Oil

The briefing (in brief): "we want labels for Olive Pomace Oil for Salads & Cooking".

The target audience: consumers with respect for pure products in foreign markets (Europe & Middle East.)

The design: to convey the contemporary significance and ultimate value of an age-old product of the Greek land, to foreign audiences and cultures, was our primary task and concern. The absolute virginity of the product is shown directly from the nature in the form of an oil painting. The olive tree fruit, with its almost purity, mythically fertile flesh, completed the visual; the design carried smoothly a simple message to the viewer/consumer: full, bare, extra, bottled purity. “Ma Olea Oil” (My OLIVE OIL) is a combination of French and Greek Words; the style of the typography is taken directly from the curvy structure of olives. ‘Help your nature by Recycling’ the bottles used for MA Olea Oil, is recycled bottle, which is manufactured under a village community. This is based on the colors, clear and earthly to convey as much as possible, this is to 'direct' experience of the product.

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