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Rama logo design is conceived and designed to portray the ideals that symbolize Mr. Faisal’s ethics, belief and business acumen. The physical and intellectual character of Rama are represented in the logo making it elegant, interactive and thought provoking.

Having noted in many discussions with Mr. Faisal’s, the moral character of the logo is conceived. The moral character of the logo is represented in the carefully chosen colors to make it vibrant, powerful and yet convey the easy to understand message.

RAMA logo symbolism is based on the perfect shape. The square

a. The logo is designed in the shape of a square. Square represents character having honesty, traditional and loyal. Squares are a combination of four angles of 90°, opposite to each and yet form together a 360° character. Thus you have pros and cons and at the wholesome to produce a perfect shape/result.
b. There are four sides in the square. Each one has a connotation to the beliefs of Mr. Faisal’s related to religion, culture, human values & relationships and the society.
c. The logo is having nine spots. The nine spots represent the nine planets revolving around the sun. In relation to that, RAMA is the sun and the nine spots are the strengths and beliefs of RAMA. They are creative talent, teamwork, quality, commitment, religion, culture, human values & relationships, the society and the character.
d. The circles with different colour represent people. People of different creed, culture, religion and nationalities of the world having interactions under square. This shows the cosmopolitan, broad based and sophisticated style of functioning of RAMA.

The Style of RAMA logo is simple lines, curves and circles.
This simplicity is the best way that a person recognizes and recollects the logo.
The recollection of the logo is the basis of brand building.

The typography is created with a flexible style type instead of using the font.

a. Hence the typography is authentic with expressionistic attributes.
b. This is easily readable recognizable and readable.
c. Easy to identify and yet giving an intellectual analysis.
d. The typography RAMA is shown in colors of white.
e. The word RAMA is written in reverse order when having a closer look to the logo. The logo with colors of white shows that the discussions and meetings are like an open window more than that of a customer and vendor relationship. This is also a unique design pattern.
f. An element of Islamic art style and design in the typography is attributed to the culture of the region where RAMA is originated.
g.The typography RAMA is shown in colors of white. The word RAMA is written in reverse order when having a closer look to the logo.

In terms of relationship to RAMA, the logo portrays the personality, goals, vision and values to the business model of RAMA

a. In business parlance, the four attributes of Real Ad Marketing, namely; the creative talent, teamwork, quality and the commitment to the client are represented.
b. Logo represents a face-to-face discussion and model of conferencing. In the field of advertisement and marketing the foremost is the interaction; i.e. meeting the client for discussions, further followed with discussions with creative team, production, etc. and finally leading to the result. In every field, discussions always lead to the success of an organization.
c. The straight lines in the logo represent the strength of RAMA.
d. The curves in logo represents that RAMA is flexible in nature.
e. The logo (Rama typography) is also designed in round shape. The round shapes      show the faces i.e. the people, the more important aspect of any business.
f. The dot represents that everything starts from a point and ends in a point. A project to be started and completed within the squares; i.e. understanding, execution, time management and budget.
g. The logo with colors of white shows that the discussions and meetings are like an open window more than that of a customer and vendor relationship. This is also a unique design pattern.

The colour scheme is chosen to communicate RAMA’s meaning and message in an instantaneous method.

 The most powerful non-verbal form of communication is adapted as our minds are programmed to respond to color.
•The colors in logo have originated from RAMA itself when we visited RAMA’s office. The many colors that we have seen were apt for RAMA and are used for the logo design.
 The colors which are used in the logo are:

a. Yellow ochre b. Orange c. Brown c. Aqua blue d. Pink e. White f. Green.

The description of each color is as follows:

Yellow ochre:
a. It is a rare colour pigment used by mankind from prehistoric times of more than 100,000 years. Like the energy of a bright sunny day, yellow brings clarity and awareness. The shade of yellow determines its effect.
b. The desert and the camels colour is resemble this color.
c. The clarity for decision-making is represented in this color.

a. Orange is a powerful and positive color. RAMA is always positive having positive energy, so do the firm is always positive in nature.
b. Orange is related to energy and endurance. Orange color shows the fresh energy of RAMA.
c. Orange stimulates enthusiasm and creativity as RAMA does.

Brown color represents conventional and orderly. RAMA’s progress is conventional and orderly.

Aqua Green:
a. It represents open communications and clarity of thoughts.
b. It represents the color of Sea. RAMA is like a vast ocean, where RAMA takes challenges and thrives in it

a. Pink is Rosa in Persian. It is related to feminine gender. The highly adored and respected values of Mr. Faisal Hussain to women are brought out from this color.
b. Pink is fun, youthful and exciting

a. White is a color, which represents love, purity and peace.
b. White color represents the strength of the Country Bahrain and Bahrainis. It means people of RAMA and Bahrain are always welcoming in nature.

Dark Green:
a. Color Dark Green represents Mother Earth, our nature. Earth is surrounded with color green; and RAMA cares for Mother Nature.
b. Green occupies more space in the spectrum visible to the human eye than most colors, and is second only to blue as a favorite color. Green is the pervasive color in the natural world, making it an ideal backdrop in interior design because we are so used to seeing it everywhere.

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