Friday, October 19, 2012


HRSP-2011 is KJO’s latest initiative to communicate the HR Department’s existing and emerging practices and concepts. The series of seminars is aimed at creating awareness among KJO employees of global trends and the role of HR both professionally and personally.

We have developed a theme for HRSP-2011 that encompasses its events and topics into one single theme message “Evolution of HR in the New Corporate Order”. This message not only highlights the importance of HR, but speaks of how HR is transforming itself as a strategic partner and technology-centric interface between management and employees.

The theme logo is created using diametrically opposite circles, interweaves to form Partnerships. These four circles also give out the desired Integration between HR and the community. The resulting intersection points have the characteristics of the KJO brand mark. The light and dark blue colors are KJO corporate colors.

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