Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Inaugural Invitation & Gift box - Honeywell

The invitation for the inaugural ceremony has been designed keeping in mind the many VIPs and senior
dignitaries who will be among the guest list. By sheer design and contents, each invitee will be tempted to retain it – an advantage for Honeywell for its brand recall. Dressed in Honeywell corporate colors, the outer cover looks deceptively simple.

When the cover is opened, the invitee will be pleasantly surprised to find an actual “Bow Tie” (again in Red) to
represent the corporate and formal experience of the event. This special gift is also a gesture of Honeywell’s
gratitude to grace the event. The gift is accompanied by a written invitation to attend the event.

This invitation with the Bow Tie will only be presented to men, while women will find a special edition ‘Brooch’.

The invitation will be designed using special paper with the words ‘Invitation’ embossed on the cover.

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